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The UAE and Dubai market is changing as a reflection to what is happening internationally, this is the era of smart services, robotics and Artificial intelligence.To utilize on this opportunity AJ Intelligence was established by a group of investors to coup up with the increasing growth in smart services, automation, artificial intelligence and robotics.We at AJ Intelligence believe in providing our customers with innovative and smart solutions that will take them to the future through us.


District R (Coming Soon)

a smart and intelligent platform consisting of website and mobile applications (android &IOS) that allow users to review and rate properties, developers, brokers and areas in any District.

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Your warehouse Associates may be spending a huge part of their day simply walking material from one location to another. VirtualConveyor robots simplify employees material handing responsibilities and increase overall output. No need for significant training or certifications, VirtualConveyor robots are easy to use and simple to deploy.HMIShelf robots set the standard for commercial-ready Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) transporting material in busy warehouse environments alongside people, forklifts, and other material handling equipment. Integrated touchscreens and adjustable shelving make the HMIShelf robots an easy and flexible way to offload point-to-point manual material handling tasks.

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